Post Bail in Delaware, OH, and Surrounding Areas

When you or someone you know is arrested for a crime, the clock is ticking. Every minute spent behind bars is another missed opportunity to get things back to normal. When an arrest occurs, time is of the essence, so call the team at Evans Bail Bonds LLC as soon as possible. We provide bail bonds in Delaware, OH, and the surrounding communities so our clients can quickly get to work consulting with their defense attorney. While defendants are waiting around in jail, jobs are on the line, families are getting anxious, and the prosecution is building its case. Let us help you post bail in Delaware, OH, today.

Our business is dedicated to reuniting arrestees with their loved ones after being apprehended by the police. We have built our reputation on our honest, personable service. A representative from our business can meet you at a location that is convenient for you or email you the application if you are out of town. Choose the experienced bond agent you can trust when you are seeking bail bonds in Knox County, OH. We are here to answer all your questions and get started on the release process.

How Do Bail Bonds Work?

When the police arrest an individual who’s suspected of a crime, they take that person to jail to be booked. The booking process can take several hours. The corrections officers at the jail will take fingerprints and photos. Once that person has been booked, they wait in their cell for their first appearance in court. At this hearing, the judge will set a bond amount. The bond is the money that must be paid to in order for the inmate to be bailed out until the next court date.

This is where we come in. Bonds have two payment options: cash or surety. Since bond amounts are usually expensive, many people choose to call our bail bonds service for the surety option. This means that a bondsman will post the bond in exchange for 10% of the cash amount to be paid by the client.

The other 90% may be collected as collateral that gets returned to the client or whoever signed for the bond at the end of the case, assuming of course the client appears at the next court date. This surety bond is a kind of insurance, a way of guaranteeing that a released inmate will appear at the next hearing in the criminal proceedings. An inmate may call us from jail, or someone can act on the inmate’s behalf.

Making Bonds Affordable

Times are tough. We get it. And if an inmate can’t bail out of jail and back to work fast, times will get even tougher. For one reason or another, most people don’t have the full cash amount to post bail. Our company, though, is willing to work with you. We offer affordable payment plans. We’ll work out an arrangement that’s fair and that gets you or the person you’re helping out of jail. We accept most major credit cards, and we’re open around the clock.

Contact us when you or someone you know needs to post bail quickly. We serve clients in Delaware, Franklin, Licking, Knox, Marion, Union, Pickaway, and Muskingum Counties, Ohio.