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No one who has been behind bars has told the bondsman to slow down and take his time. When you are in jail, you want out and you want out now. Unfortunately, not all bond companies can offer the same speedy service that we do at Evans Bail Bonds LLC. For quick bail bonds in Marion County, OH, call us right away. We are here 24/7 when you or someone you are helping needs assistance. We understand that every minute that ticks by in jail is a minute that would be better spent getting legal representation, rejoining worried family, and making sure the arrest and jail time has not affected your employment.

We are a family-owned business that puts people first. To the system, you are another case number. Turn to a bail bond agent in Delaware, OH, for a friendly face and the bail you need to get back on the street. Our business is proud to offer bail bonds in Delaware County, OH, and the surrounding communities.

Everything You Need to Post Bail

The hours after an arrest are stressful and confusing. You may have many questions that you need answered. As your bond agent, we’ve got the answers you’re looking for. We make sure you fully understand the bail process. If you’re acting on someone else’s behalf, we keep you updated on what’s going on.

Essentially, a bail bond is a 10% payment toward the total bond amount set by the judge at an inmate’s first appearance in court after an arrest. Since bond amounts are usually too expensive for most people to pay with cash in full, a bond agent enters into a surety agreement that the inmate, if released, will return to court on the next hearing date. The collateral that the bondsman collects or puts up to cover the remaining 90% is returned to said bondsman upon the closing of the case. To put it simply, our services make it affordable to get out of jail while assuring the judge that released individuals will go back to court when they’re supposed to.

The Fastest Way to Get out on Bail

We don’t want you to lose any more time. That’s why we work fast and make posting bail as easy as it can be. We accept most major credit cards, and we’ll set up payment plans to make bail affordable. Call us now to start the process.

Contact us when you or someone you know needs to post bail quickly. We serve clients throughout Marion County, Ohio.