Your Source for Bail Bonds in Knox County, OH

Facing criminal charges in our legal system is a hassle. Getting out of jail shouldn’t have to be. With Evans Bail Bonds LLC, we make our clients’ release our priority. If you or someone you’re trying to help has been arrested, call us immediately. With our experience, we are the trusted source for bail bonds in Knox County, OH. When you work with our bail bond agent in Delaware, OH, you will receive fast, personable services. For your peace of mind, we offer 24/7 services.

As a family-owned business, we believe in the value of treating people right. After you have been arrested for a crime and spent hour after long hour in jail, you have been through enough. It is time you see someone who has a friendly face and the cash you need to get you back on the street. Contact us today when you need help in Knox County, OH. Our business also offers bail bonds in Delaware, OH.

What to Expect Once the Judge Sets the Bond Amount

To get out of jail, an inmate has to be eligible for bail in the first place. The judge will make this determination at the first appearance hearing, which occurs in the hours after the arrest. Usually, unless the arrested individual has committed an especially heinous act, been arrested one too many times already for the court’s comfort, or seems like a flight risk, the judge will set an amount for a bond. Paying these bonds typically calls for more cash than people have on hand, though. And that’s where we come in.

Our clients pay 10% of the bond amount, and we take it from there. We understand how the process works, and we move fast so you or the person you’re helping doesn’t have to linger needlessly behind bars. The bond acts as a kind of surety, or guarantee, that the arrested person will show up for the next court appearance after we bail that person out.

The Answers You Want and the Service You Need

Clients and their families often have a lot of questions after an arrest. Don’t worry. We make sure you understand what’s going on and keep you fully informed throughout the process. We do everything we can to make posting bail as easy as possible for you. We even offer fair payment plans when the situation calls for one. Don’t let the corrections officers get any more of your precious time than they have already. We are waiting for your call.

Contact us when you or someone you know needs to post bail quickly. We serve clients throughout Knox County, Ohio.