Important Info to Have When Requesting Bail Bonds

Bail Bonds in Licking County, OHBefore you call a bail bond company, you need to get a handful of important information together to help the agent with the process. This info will help them with the paperwork. Here are a few vital pieces of info you should have on hand:

  • Name – If you are getting a bail bond for someone, it is likely you know their first and last name. Having their full name, including the middle name and any additional info regarding their name will ensure that we can get them out in a timely matter.
  • Booking Number – This is a number that your loved one will use while they are in jail. This information should be provided to them. Make sure you ask for it when you speak with them.
  • Jail Location – Is your loved one in a jail located in another county? Make sure you ask which specific jail they are in and get the address.
  • Bail Amount – If you know the bail amount now, you should share it with your agent. If you have not been given that information, they should be able to find it out for you.

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