Important Info about Bail Bond Forfeiture – Part 1

Bail Bonds in Licking County, OHWhen you receive a bail bond, there are certain stipulations that you must follow to ensure that you can leave jail and stay at home while awaiting your trial. The most crucial aspect of this process is making sure that you show up at your court dates every time. Failing to show up for a case allows the judge to forfeit your bond and you will have to return to jail. We have put together some detailed information letting you know what happens on these occasions.

Before anything happens, you will have a forfeiture hearing. During this hearing, it will be determined by the judge if you had a legitimate reason for missing your court date. In this session, the court will look at possible reasons why you missed the court date to see if they are valid. Reasons that will be seen as valid include a visit to the emergency room, a car accident, or any other serious incident. Having some kind of documentation proving that you were there during your hearing is valuable in these situations. If you cannot show that you had a good reason for missing your date, then you will be arrested again.

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